A Little Bit About Us

We are a small family business based in Hayle in beautiful Cornwall.

Rockyboard was born in early 2017 after discovering the benefits balancing and open ended play has on children. We initially wanted to provide our own children with their very own curved balance boards and so we set about designing and making a few different sized boards. From the very moment we presented our two children with the boards they were hooked. They literally wouldn’t stop playing with them and we were pretty taken a back by by this simple curved piece of wood and how these little people were making up so many ways of using them. We could see the benefits straight away so we took some boards we had made on a group holiday for our friends children to use. They were used non stop by the children but quite surprisingly the adults too! Over the coming weeks it quickly became apparent that people liked the look of our boards and so we set about perfecting our boards shape and sizes and started to source the materials we would use with a view to making a few to sell locally. We quickly realised that CE testing would be required if we wanted to sell the boards so we set about obtaining this and also coming up with a name and logo. After some brainstorming “Rockyboard” was born. By using Facebook as a platform to start selling the boards we started to take orders and the rest is history! Its been a very busy time since and our boards have become quite popular!!

Its always been our aim to produce a good quality product that is affordable for all. We want all children to be able to have the opportunity to have a balance board as the benefits are truly amazing!

We want to thank all of our customers for their orders so far and we hope to be able to make many more Rockyboards for all to enjoy.


Laura and Andy